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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Life....Where is going right now?

My Life....the question of where is going right now? Well to answer that question, i think a lot of people can answer that , It is going down the drain...but then it is my life..i am making it going down the drain...i lost my job..lost the love of my dream...disappointed my family,my relatives and friends alike...things i feel for me are against me...Then why i am alive and well? Why am i here? What reason for me to be here? I am good in giving people advice and encouragement but when it comes to me..i feel of nothing is changing...only those around me change..shall i see good future for me or would be bad for rest of my life? I know though that i need to change...but how do i change it..when my age is becoming more older...but am i getting more wiser?? does time tell a tale of fate or does it helps to heal the pain or emptiness i feeling in me right now? Time do tell i suppose? it is only me who have to take steps to avoid,to counter,to be defensive or offensive abt this? Every person has to choose their fate...whether they want to leave it to god to decide for them or they take own of action of their fate...i feel i am going to take my own action....See Ya...

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