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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Got Google +

Wow..I just Google+..I can use it....what else i use it will be same as facebook..though i been negelecting i shall see how i can do two in one stuff for both of this exciting program or social media to my use....P/S...I lost my best friend blogspot...did she really hate me or i am not here best friend anymore???

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brand New Twitter User should i start this....well...hmmm...actually i am become the new user of twitter and have my very own tweets abt everything now..whether is good or bad...but i am certainly blast in here..if its good for me..but the most i am telling out its abt me...well this is my who cares..execept i care abt this...i shall do what please me...and shall not bow down to other pressure anymore...even they dont like..they should tell my parents...of my bad behaviour on online...HAHAHA!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well oh well...things changes..friends become even closer than what it is been in people meet in a game of football...well futsal is a game of five a side players fight each other with the ball..a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and two strikers or possibly one striker and attacking midfielder...well it is nice game..recently i have played for two games and now just yesterday..i had futsal is was great..meeting new people..and not even that..the people it was girls playing too..i let in a lot of silly goals not just from guys but gurls too..i had no stamina...i need to build it..i must win...i shall win..winning keeps motivated rather than losing..i fed up to be a losing side...and tired been use as a scape goat....for any lose..because i am the goal keeper..the only person to brave enough to the player feet..well not body weight is now 90 kg and it is bad...i might categorize as obesity...i need to be the young me again..for one last time...the game i love to so much...and chess too for course...hahaha....anyway i shall see my peformance..and hopefully to be higher than my friends

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A old Best Friend...with good old memories....

I met my old friend...Linges....A good best friend...from primary and secondary school of friendship we had together...of playing footballs and video games....enjoy teasing and laughter. See him...that he have change from those do i...but he told me..that i still look the he is...but with different look...we talk a lot about stuff...reminiscence about stuff we love during our young days and experience we had....i really great time with all my school friends and even with linges...who been great friend through my life...i am disappointed only that during our time now as adults and working each own life...we all have hardly can get time to see each other...i am happy to see him..i hope to continue to see him and others in future of life...and hope our friendship will stay stronger...for his friendship will stay strong in my heart and soul...thank you Linges...

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Life....Where is going right now?

My Life....the question of where is going right now? Well to answer that question, i think a lot of people can answer that , It is going down the drain...but then it is my life..i am making it going down the drain...i lost my job..lost the love of my dream...disappointed my family,my relatives and friends alike...things i feel for me are against me...Then why i am alive and well? Why am i here? What reason for me to be here? I am good in giving people advice and encouragement but when it comes to me..i feel of nothing is changing...only those around me change..shall i see good future for me or would be bad for rest of my life? I know though that i need to change...but how do i change it..when my age is becoming more older...but am i getting more wiser?? does time tell a tale of fate or does it helps to heal the pain or emptiness i feeling in me right now? Time do tell i suppose? it is only me who have to take steps to avoid,to counter,to be defensive or offensive abt this? Every person has to choose their fate...whether they want to leave it to god to decide for them or they take own of action of their fate...i feel i am going to take my own action....See Ya...

My Sister Got Married....

My Sister has gotten married on 22nd May 2011...The Wedding went so well and wonderful but i am going to put pictures and other delay pictures not here but in fb...and because there is alot of people to see it in there then now....well i am sorry..but i have made my decision..hahaha!

Sorry For Delay.....

Sorry to all for Delay..of my life works to mention in this blog. It seems for a year i didn't able to online and became so lazy to actually put anything on. For once i didn't actual feel to say on this blog..but a year a past..i shall mention though i meet my dream girl..she was so beautiful and she still is...she sometimes stubborn..but i really love her for the way she is...she always treat so good..being my best friends despite our love together didn't get us to be together or the fact that it was i who cause its downfall. Nevertheless i still appreciate her as my special best friend...i hope her future will be good to her...and pray she is always safe and happy in where ever she maybe or bound to be with. Now to next one