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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well oh well...things changes..friends become even closer than what it is been in people meet in a game of football...well futsal is a game of five a side players fight each other with the ball..a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and two strikers or possibly one striker and attacking midfielder...well it is nice game..recently i have played for two games and now just yesterday..i had futsal is was great..meeting new people..and not even that..the people it was girls playing too..i let in a lot of silly goals not just from guys but gurls too..i had no stamina...i need to build it..i must win...i shall win..winning keeps motivated rather than losing..i fed up to be a losing side...and tired been use as a scape goat....for any lose..because i am the goal keeper..the only person to brave enough to the player feet..well not body weight is now 90 kg and it is bad...i might categorize as obesity...i need to be the young me again..for one last time...the game i love to so much...and chess too for course...hahaha....anyway i shall see my peformance..and hopefully to be higher than my friends

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